Legacy Noncom Program


  • To extend the influence of Nathanael’s mission to raise up young men to be Christ-following leaders for his kingdom.

  • To encourage camp noncoms to continue in their growth through the off-season for their own benefit as followers of Christ, and to further prepare them to be effective leaders at camp.


  • Earn Silver Bar during second year

  • Have serious intent to return to Nathanael for a third year as a noncom

  • Review and sign a program agreement by August 31

Rank Insignia

  • Serving Hands Pin


Mentorship & Retreat

  • Meet five times (September through May) with a camp staff mentor, or a camp-approved mentor.

  • Mentorship topics of discussion will include status updates on each of the requirements, as well as matters of spiritual growth, purity, and relationships.

  • Participate in an off-season retreat along with other Legacy candidates, Legacy mentors and staff. While this is strongly recommended, we recognize some individuals may not be able to attend due to distance or other factors.

Project to Improve Camp Nathanael

Plan, organize and complete a project that contributes to the ministry at Camp Nathanael.

  • Examples: build bunk beds for a cabin, create a new activity or program feature; or

  • Significant participation in a construction, remodeling, landscaping or other approved project at camp. This will involve more than simple attendance and participation in a single work day; or

  • Participate in the development of camp program materials, such as the Bible Ex materials; or

  • Other projects can be considered and designed, to be approved by camp staff.

  • This requirement can be met by working in cooperation with other Legacy candidates.

Camp Promotion

  • Participate in at least one off-season camp promotional event

  • Those unable to participate in a promotional event (i.e. who live far from Minnesota) may do an alternate activity that promotes awareness of Camp Nathanael.

Off-Season Leadership

  • Regular leadership (at least monthly for 4 months, or equivalent) of a small group Bible study (youth group, FCA, a group of friends, etc.). Document and discuss this experience with mentor.

  • Serve as a mentor for a younger guy, meeting at least four times (arranged by youth pastor, or by camp). Possible candidates could include Freshman Work Crew participants who intend to be noncoms, or first year noncoms intending to return for their second year. Discuss this arrangement with mentor.

  • Organize (alone or in cooperation with any other candidates) at least one off-season “class meeting”. This meeting should have a planned purpose and agenda, discussed with mentor.

Scripture Memorization, Leadership Study

  • Memorize a substantial passage of Scripture from the list of suggested passages. Memorization to be checked by mentor. This work should be spread out through the off-season. Or as an alternative, work with your mentor to choose and study a book of the Bible.

  • Complete a study related to Christian leadership using the book or guide provided by camp. Discuss with mentor at regular mentor meetings.

Camp Leadership (Third Year)

  • Lead a noncom training session at the beginning of the candidate’s third year.

  • Demonstrate positive and effective leadership in all assigned tasks and roles.

  • Earn double-silver bar.