Noncom Development

2020 Theme Verse:


Once you are accepted to serve as a Camp Nathanael noncom, you step onto a path of continual learning and growth. More than 500 high school guys have served as noncoms at Nathanael since the camp was founded in 1962. You’ll be part of an elite group. Your growth as a Christ-following leader will be the result of training, coaching, mentoring, weekly evaluation, increasing levels of responsibility, and your own dedicated effort.

Additional required forms

Once you are accepted, please check this page for some additional forms that need to be completed (including Training Card Info Form and Camp Service Details form)

Pre-Camp Preparations

Pay careful attention to the information below so you can properly prepare for camp. Also, watch this spreadsheet to be sure you are completing the necessary steps.

Raising Support: Your support raising goal is $375. These funds help with the cost of the training weeks, lifeguard and first aid training, team building trips, etc. If possible, these funds should be received by camp by the start of training, but if your support continues to come in through the summer, that’s fine. If you should happen to raise more than the goal, you may choose to have the excess go toward another noncom who hasn’t been able to raise the full amount, or to the noncom support fund in general. Some tips for raising your support:

  • Make a list of several people who might be interested in supporting your ministry at camp. This may include extended family members (grandparents, for example), close friends of your family who are interested in your growth, people at church who have taught or mentored you, your church’s Missions Committee, etc.

  • Write down three or four reasons you are interested in serving as a noncom. These are the things you want to communicate to the people you will invite to support you.

  • Write a letter that you can send to the people you want to invite to support you. If you’d like some ideas for writing a support letter take a look at this sample.

  • You may print copies of this information sheet (coming soon) to send along with your letters.

People who wish to donate toward your support may give online through the Nathanael website, or they may mail checks to: Camp Nathanael, PO Box 3987, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Pre-Camp Devos: Please use this guide for some daily time with the Lord between now and camp. You’ll probably want to print it out. We suggest you being using the guide on June 1.

What to Pack: Use this as a guide when packing for camp What to Bring to Camp

Training Requirements

These requirements need to be completed by the conclusion of the training weeks. We strongly recommend you get a head start by working on some of them during the weeks leading up to training. Here is a list of training week requirements, subject to minor changes.

Rank Requirements

As you move through the summer, you’ll pursue your Gold, Silver or Double Silver Bar (during your first, second and third summers as a noncom). If you’ve been a camper at Nathanael, perhaps you’ve watched us award these to noncoms during evening campfires. Check out the rank requirements.

Staff and Noncom Policies

Review and understand these important policies relating to your service at camp. If you have questions or concerns please discuss them with the director. Serving at camp means you agree to and will abide by these policies.

Legacy Noncom Program

Guys who have completed their second year and earned their Silver Bar, and who intend to return for a third summer, may elect to pursue the rank of Legacy Noncom. This leadership growth program takes place during the school year between your second and third summers. Learn what is required to become a Legacy Noncom.