These policies have been approved by the Nathanael Board of Directors. Questions should be directed to Executive Director Mark Watkins (612.910.6307 or executivedirector@campnathanael.com) or to a board member. Serving at Nathanael explicitly implies adherence to these camp policies.


Guidelines on clothing that should NOT be worn or brought to Camp Nathanael this summer:

1) Apparel that advertises a company or business name.

2) Any items that advertise an alcoholic beverage or company, tobacco product, or are sexually suggestive or provocative.

3) Clothing or gear that promotes other Christian camps. (We have Nathanael sweatshirts, t-shirts and other items that promote the camp at which we’re called to serve this summer. Wearing Nathanael apparel whenever possible also assists in camp fund-raising projects.)

4) Apparel that portrays potentially antagonistic or negative Christian slogans through its use of shock language or graphics (i.e., “Satan Sucks’’). Clothing with positive Christian slogans is permissible.

Remember, we are representing Camp Nathanael to thousands of campers, parents, family members and others who see us when we’re together in public, on or off camp grounds. Yes, we want to be bold and courageous in our witness to others. But we also don’t want to run the risk of damaging our witness for the Lord by an unfortunate word or phrase on a piece of clothing.


There will be no R-rated movies (or worse), rented or otherwise, either brought to camp OR viewed by anyone serving at Nathanael, either on or off camp grounds, during the ministry season. This includes, but isn’t restricted to, the weekly Thursday night movies for kitchen/grounds crew members, Saturday night films in camp or out of camp, as well as the annual Duluth weekend for staff and noncoms near the end of the summer.


Christian music and music video is strongly recommended to be the primary format brought to camp. Secular music should be kept to a minimum and its content should be conservative in lyric and form (not suggestive or provocative). God should be honored in all music listened to or performed at camp. If the CD does not meet that standard, leave it at home.

1) During noncom training weeks, no radios, CDs, MP3 players, anywhere on camp grounds where other noncoms and staff would typically gather (i.e., camper cabins, dining hall, Wala-Wala, Burlington). Training weeks are designed to build relationships with other noncoms and staff as well as to assimilate all of us to the outdoors and the serenity of nature that God created. Music can get in the way of relationship-building either by creating isolation (i.e., headsets) or as an alternative to conversation. During training, the only music we listen to will be what we make ourselves.

2) During the regular camp season, noncoms may use portable players only with headsets. External speakers are not permitted outside of staff corner unless it is for a camp-specific activity (Dunk the Noncom, Outpost, etc.). Music for a specified activity must be approved in advance by the camp director. All portable players are to be kept in Wala-Wala, Sioux or Algonquin unit cabins, if you are assigned there. This means music players and headphones may not be used in camper cabins, work areas, or any other area where campers might see them.

3) Audible recorded music is not permitted in Burlington, Unit Cabins, Wala-Wala or dining hall.

4) Staff corner buildings may have music with external speakers, but the volume must be low enough so that the music cannot be heard in camper areas. In short, bring predominantly Christian music to camp and only a limited supply of secular music that would be acceptable in God’s sight.

Computers/Electronic Games

1) Computers are permitted for adult or collegiate staff members only. They are to be utilized ONLY in the following areas – office, nurse’s cabin or staff corner buildings. Their use is to be primarily for camp business or communication purposes, ministry or educational assignments, and acceptable personal or family correspondence. The camp director or camp administrator reserve the right to restrict the usage or visibility of any computer should it threaten to hinder the primary ministry objectives of Camp Nathanael – serving God and those in our midst with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, increasing Christian fellowship and enhancing leadership-building opportunities.

2) Portable, electronic video games are NOT permitted anywhere on camp grounds by staff, noncoms, cooks or campers.

Cell Phones

We recognize the importance of cell phones in our lives. At the same time we know they can be a distraction from the things we should be focusing on, even more so smart phones or other devices that provide access to many things beyond phone calls. Therefore, we place limits on their use. Noncoms are to bring their phones to the office where they will be stored. If a noncom needs to make a call (to arrange transportation, or to communicate with parents, for example) he may do so in the office when the office is open and the noncom’s schedule allows.

Staff members may carry their cell phones (and in certain cases we expect them to). However, use of phones should be invisible to campers whenever possible, and during working hours should be limited to camp business or very urgent matters, as one would expect in any work setting.


1) During training, curfew is 11 p.m., unless otherwise announced in advance by camp staff.

2) During the regular camp season, curfew is 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday evenings for noncoms or staff members who are serving as counselors that week. Permissible exceptions would be for a staff meeting, an emergency situation involving the safety, health or emotional well-being of a camper, fellow noncom or staff member, which would also involve the camp director, camp administrator and/or a board member.

3) Curfew for noncoms and others serving on kitchen or grounds crews will be midnight, Sunday through Thursday evenings.

4) On Friday evenings, curfew will be 12:30 p.m. for all staff, noncoms and work crew members.

5) On Saturdays, curfew will be 12 midnight for all staff and noncoms, whether they are at Nathanael or residing off camp grounds. Parents or guardians who will be housing staff/noncoms on a Saturday night will be contacted in advance and advised that the camp board strongly recommends a midnight bed check for any individuals returning to camp on Sunday for a week of service.


Camp Nathanael is a private facility. The ministry and responsibility, to which we have been called by the Lord into service, cannot be compromised. As a result, no unauthorized persons will be allowed to spend the night on camp grounds. Pre-authorization may be given for the following individuals, with appropriate prior notice and arrangements made as approved by the camp director or camp administrator:

1) Married staff family members and friends (the latter approved in advance).

2) Camp board members and their families.

3) Former Nathanael staff members, noncoms and cooks.

4) Special guests with an expressed need to stay overnight.

Family members or friends not falling under the above criteria are restricted to onsite visits not to exceed five hours and one meal. These visits must be prearranged with the camp director or camp administrator prior to the guest’s arrival.

The above conditions include, but aren’t restricted to, current or former Brigade leaders, administrators or camp staff members who are assisting in training, kitchen or grounds detail, or special projects. In short, no other family members, boyfriends/girlfriends, or acquaintances from church or school are allowed to stay overnight at Nathanael, unless it is cleared, in advance, by the camp director or camp administrator.

Visits should not interfere will the staff or noncoms’ responsibilities, nor hinder in any way the regular operation of Camp Nathanael. We cannot permit visitation scenarios that would threaten to jeopardize the purpose or perception of our campers as to why we’re here. As in the past, we strongly encourage extended visits with family or friends to take place outside of camp.

While it is possible for noncoms and staff to remain in camp most weekends, we do encourage you to spend the weekend at home if you are in need of rest. A night in your own bed at home can be helpful. (Do not go home and stay out late with friends!)