Sample Staff/Noncom Support Letter

We encourage you to write a letter to share with extended family members, friends, your church, etc., to invite them to support you financially and prayerfully as you serve at camp. Remember, this is your summer ministry and it is as much of a “mission trip” as anything your peers might be doing this summer. It is appropriate for the body of Christ to support you in this ministry. This is just a sample to give you some ideas. Write your own letter and make it personal.


Spring 2019


This summer I have the privilege and opportunity to serve as a noncom at Camp Nathanael, a Christian camp for boys near Hinckley, Minnesota. Camp Nathanael has made an impact on my life as a camper, helping me grow in my walk with Christ and in understanding what it means to be a man of God. The activity times, including cabin activities and adventure games, Monday night cookouts, skill classes and free swims, are vivid in my mind. But so are the quiet times like morning devotions, Bible Exploration, and evening campfire talks. God has taught me so much through the ministry of Camp Nathanael. I can hardly wait to be part of the team of guys leading camp this summer.

I am looking forward to using the gifts and talents God has given me, as well as the lessons he has taught me, to serve him this summer. Depending on the number of counselors and their qualifications, I may be assigned to any of the following areas throughout the summer: cabin leader, kitchen crew, skill instructor, grounds maintenance, lifeguarding, and leading campfire songs, skits and stories. Whatever my assignment, please pray that I will serve cheerfully and to the best of my abilities.

I need your help in the ministry this summer. First, I am asking each of you to support me and the rest of the Camp Nathanael staff through prayer. Pray for unity among the staff, spiritual growth for staff and campers, plus health and safety for all. I also am asking for your financial support. My support goal for the summer is $350. The camp uses these funds to help with the cost of the training weeks, lifeguard and first aid training, team building trips, etc.. Please prayerfully consider whether you can help in this way. Thank you.


Billy “Garbanzo’’ Bean

If you choose to contribute financially, you may give online through the camp’s website: You may also give by mail. Make checks payable to Camp Nathanael and mail to: Camp Nathanael, PO Box 3987, Minneapolis, MN 55403. When you give, please designate your contribution for my support.